Duc in Altum

Into the sun

This week’s Daily Post photography challenge brings up the theme of Depth. While the obvious choice is going with pictures with beautiful bokeh, I’d like to take a different route. In my opinion, one criterion of a successful photograph is if it captures our three-dimensional world in the two-dimensional image plane. In other words, it captures the third dimension in the image. That third dimension is depth. Photos that do so successfully (like this, this, and this) are like a magnet that draws the viewers even deeper into the image.

This is one of my attempt to capture that “depth” in my picture. God knows how many time I have shot Hermosa Beach pier. I want to do something different this time. The pier depth is accentuated by using a wide angle lens. At first, I want the sun to give a left-to-right balance to the image. But, I think it might end up as a distraction. That is, your eyes keep on switching between the pier end and the sun itself. But to each their own.



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  1. Great one. I can certainly feel the depth. And I like those 3 photos you mentioned. So… what’s the secret? Must use a wide angle lens? Helen


  2. Excellent. And very nice assessment and approaches. I love the way you describe and show your thought process.


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